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A Brand Centric Amazon Agency

Put your brand first and scale your Amazon business with ease

If your Amazon business brings you more Brand dilution and frustration than revenue, profit, and customer engagement, we can help. We work with developing Brands to build and grow their Amazon business, expand its customer base, and avoid the challenges associated with running an Amazon channel while simultaneously scaling a company. 


Who is the Face of your Brand on Amazon?


If you're selling on Amazon through multiple 3rd Party sellers, you know the problems already.  There is a need in the marketplace for Brands to have more control over their own product listings and presence, thus increasing their brand image and engagement with customers directly vs. through their distributors.  We think for quality Brands, this increased customer engagement and traffic results in more sales and higher value.

Three6Brands helps companies re-establish their presence and grow revenue on Amazon by leveraging our experience, know-how, tools, and insights to drive traffic and conversion. We integrate into your team and manage the Amazon channel for you, including services like FBA.  We want you to know your Amazon business is well cared for and growing,  so you can focus on running your business.

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Take Control of Your Brand on Amazon

Emoji Tape

Increase Revenue and Profit

Using Data Based Approaches

Typography Design

Grow Your

Brand Image

Leverage your Investment

Paying Customer

Own the Customer Experience

Interact with Buyers

Gain new reviews

Emoji Tape

Respond to

Market Changes

Monitor and Adjust

in Real Time

Typography Design

Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates

Stop Guessing & Use a Scientific Approach

Paying Customer

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Reduce Noise & Touchpoints


About Us

We started as a private label company and grew up learning how to differentiate, compete, and win on Amazon.  Over time, we added wholesale to our portfolio and focused on small, growth brands to help them grow.  We've learned a lot and we've been able to grow our business 100%+ year over year since we started. We understand what it takes to drive traffic and conversion and the required focus on the details that leads to predictable success.


We've taken all of what we learned and are now bringing it to our customers to help them win. We take care of the details of your Amazon business so you can focus on running your business at its full potential. We’re driven by data and technology as much as design and content to ensure we fulfill our mission -  helping our clients grow their revenue and brand presence on Amazon.

We’ve been helping companies grow their brands since 2017. The times may have changed, but our creativity certainly hasn't. Our processes adapt to the market conditions so that we can deliver predictable results, even in uncertain times.


Get in touch so that we can start elevating you to where you deserve to be.

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Three Options for Growth

We want to help from where you are today.  Whether you're just launching, need growth, or are happy with your revenue but just want someone to help you manage the headache and grow more, we're here to help.

Just Getting Started

If you're very early in your Amazon journey and it's overwhelming to learn all your options, we can help. We can help from before you launch to your early months into the process to help you leverage tools that you'd only learn about after years of selling.  In fact, we have a Starter Pack Just for You.

Poised for Growth but Need Help

Perhaps you're a few months or even years on Amazon, and you know in your gut you should be bigger than what you are, we can help guide the way.  We have proven, data-driven strategies to take existing product listings and Brands and help you get back on the growth trajectory you want to be on. 

Expand your Brand

If you've been on Amazon and you're pleased with the results but know there's more to be had, we can help you implement Brand expansion strategies that we've used with others.  Whether it's a refresh of your listings, Keyword improvement to drive traffic, PPC campaign refinement, or even a new product introduction, we'll help you identify growth. 

Services We Offer


Listing Optimization

Customer Review Management

PPC Ad Campaign Management

Inventory Management

Reporting and Forecasting

Dedicated Support

Team Members

Amazon Policy and Compliance Monitoring

Strategic Consulting

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